June 18, 2024
yoga for high blood pressure

High blood pressure is known to be a silent killer, it comes and grows without any symptoms. But yes, it may put your heart at risk and result in any chronic condition sooner or later.

Therefore, there is no point in letting it go unchecked or without any treatment. As for the causes, there are endless reasons that may lead to high blood pressure like smoking, stress, family history, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, and so forth.

To combat this problem, you need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis. It is compulsory to keep up the level of your physical activity.

Yoga offers a much safer and natural way of keeping your blood pressure in check. It is one of the most ancient methods worn to maintain fitness. And resolve the most common but seemingly fatal health problems like blood pressure.

A number of yoga poses can be quite effective in controlling your blood pressure and relieve stress from your mind and body.

Most of these asanas increase the functioning of your heart and allow your mind, muscles, and body to relax. Here are some common yoga asanas that assess and approve by experts for controlling hypertension and high blood pressure:

  • Balasana or the Child Pose:

One of the most recommended asanas under yoga for the high blood pressure category. The asana is known to be quite effective in improving blood circulation all across the body. It also provides relief from stress and anxiety-causing factors. If you practice it for a few days and try to regulate your breathing pattern, it will start inducing a specific calmness in your nerves that will remove stress from the shoulders and neck region of your body.

  • Sukhasana or Easy Pose:

One of the most popular yoga for high blood pressure, needs to be done with regulated breathing. The pose can provide you instant relief from hypertension and help you attain a distinct calm that takes away all the stress and pressure related to hectic work pressures. The asana is also known to improve overall body posture and help people regain their lost peace of mind and body.

  • Shavasana:

Also known as the corpse pose that aims to provide the body with relaxation from everyday work pressures. Doctors recommend this pose for people who are trying to bring down their blood pressure figures. The Shavasana restores peace of mind, relieves stress.

Brings a sense of relaxation to the body and brings down nausea, fatigue, and headache. There are several risk factors similar to high blood pressure, Shavasana helps in bringing down the risk of those problems. And provide relief from all related problems.

  • Cobra Pose:

Also known as the Bhujangasana, known to be one of the best regulators of oxygen and blood all across the body. Apart from relieving blood pressure, the cobra pose also provides relief to asthma patients.

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It is also propose for people who have hectic work schedules, it can really help in relieving stress and increase your mental stability.

  • Bridge Pose:

Another recommended asana for regulating blood pressure. known for calming down the brain and alleviating stress from muscles and nerves.

The asana is also mention for those who need to manage mild depression symptoms. Bridge pose highly suggest for those suffering from menstrual pain, headache, anxiety, fatigue, lung problems. And those looking to give shape to their abdominal muscles. However, regular practice is a must for effective results.

Most of the asanas mentioned here are easy to practice but if you have any other medical condition like spondylitis or cervical pain, then you must do these exercises under a doctor or a yoga expert’s guidance. yoga for high blood pressure has been known to be quite effective with respect to overall health.

If you are taking any medication for high blood pressure, please check with your doctor before taking up a yoga routine.

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