June 18, 2024
Using a Cloth Mask To Treat Eczema

A cloth face mask also called a nasal mask, a close mask designed with contoured common cloth materials, most commonly cotton, worn to cover the nose and mouth. Contouring to the face’s shape, it intended to help improve breathing through a patient’s natural breathing mechanism. Reducing congestion and mucus, which can cause breathing difficulties. While many face masks are worn without the use of gloves.

A cloth mask provides the greatest air circulation, preventing uncomfortable puffiness or sagging, and allowing a constant seal against the face for maximum protection. Although available in a variety of styles, most cloth masks construct with one of two primary features: either a face band or an elasticized neckband.

N95 grade of surgical mask:

N95 refers to the standard N95 grade surgical mask. The grade refers to the tightness of the fabric on the face. A thicker cloth, such as 100%, N95, will reduce airway resistance and increase airway clearance.

While this higher grade will be more expensive. It recommends for patients that need surgical mask correction. When surgical mask to wear is impeded by physical distancing. And when other more affordable, lighter-duty face masks are not readily available, a cloth mask is often the best option.

A cloth mask has the added benefit of being able to adapt to the wearer’s head. The elasticized neckband allows for easy adjustment to any size or shape of the face.

This adaptability makes these masks perfect for daily wear. They are also popular among special events, such as Halloween, because of their ability to provide an adequate air ventilation system even during high-profile costume parties.

According to a study conducted:

According to a study conducted by the Royal Society of Medicine, a significant connection establishes between facial cleansing. And allergic rhinitis. In this study, the scientists found that 99% of the irritant particles were trapped within the tiny pores of the reusable cloth face masks.

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Surprisingly, when the particles were removed from the masks, the amount of irritation in the rhinitis was significantly less. Therefore, by regularly using these cloth masks, the risks of allergic reactions and allergic rhinitis are greatly decreased.

An interesting finding from clinical studies:

An interesting finding from clinical studies conducted on medical masks was the link between bacteria formation and the degree of filtration efficiency. As the mask made from synthetic materials grows increasingly dirty, bacteria start to accumulate in between the fibers.

It found that the bacterial content increase at an alarming rate. When the mask from medical cloths repeatedly washes. Because of this, doctors highly recommend the use of a good quality reusable cloth medical mask.

A major concern of many allergy sufferers:

A major concern of many allergy sufferers is the risk of contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis refers to a skin irritation caused by chemicals coming into contact with the patient’s skin.

For this reason, all hospital employees require to use high-quality disposable masks when caring for patients. The use of disposable face masks can also reduce the risks of developing infections on the patients’ skin. Moreover, high-quality cloth masks like the ones used in hospital laboratories also protect. The workers from respiratory infections and airborne diseases like flu and respiratory infections.

Many people suffer from dry skin, which can result in itching and flaking. Cloth medical masks prove to help in this condition. Because they act as an insulator and provide sufficient moisture for the skin.

As a result, dry skin leads to cracking and peeling. Cracking and peeling may trigger the appearance of eczema and other skin conditions such as dermatitis. Which, in turn, may lead to serious complications or even death. Therefore, medical staff must ensure that the face masks they are using are effective in providing moisture to the skin.


While choosing a new disposable cloth mask, one should check the manufacturer’s specifications and follow the instructions carefully. For example, some manufacturers recommend that patients with eczema wash their hands prior to washing the mask.

This helps in removing any dirt or dust particles that might cause irritation to the skin. In addition, patients who washcloth masks before using them again can also avoid reusing the same mask.

In addition, it is important to wash the disposable mask in hot water and not use the hot water to rinse off the dirt and wash off the soap before putting on the new mask.

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