May 29, 2024

Teachers are the pillar of any society, community and Nation today we know why teachers day is celebrated and what is the significance of teachers in our life.

Teachers Day is celebrated on 5th September to mark the birthday of Dr Radhakrishnan. He was the second President of India apart from this he was a scholar and philosopher too.

The day is celebrated to pay respect and recognises the contribution of teacher’s to the society. 

How teachers day start celebrated on 5th September in India

In 1975 some of the students of Dr Radhakrishnan want to celebrate his birthday and meet him to seek his permission, but instead of giving the celebration permission Dr Radhakrishnan said to them “instead of celebrating my birthday separately it would be my proud privilege if 5th September is observed as Teacher’s Day”.

From that day every year on 5th September Teachers Day is celebrated with Pomp and show in every college school and institutions. Children’s present play does debate and also teachers are honored on that day.

 Significance of teachers in our life

Teachers are an integral part of our society. Parents give us birth but teachers give us the purpose of our birth.

Teachers are well aware of this fact that children of today are the leaders of tomorrow they know how to make a ready for future

When we come to this world  we are unknown to everything teachers hold our hands and teach us how to hold the pencil, how to write and learn

Final words 

In the days  of  Covid  lockdown teachers provide their services from virtual platforms and still doing everything which is required for student growth

In the end I can say only “Teachers are who, who make us understand who we are”.

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