June 18, 2024

The rise of telecommunication sector has increased the import of wireless products in India. It has compelled the government to take steps to ensure that these products perform as per the regulatory standards.

WPC certificate for import in India is therefore mandatory. It certifies that the imported wireless product works within the de-licensed frequency band – a regulatory requirement that must be fulfilled by all wireless products.

This article will explain to you in detail about the definition of WPC license for import along with the steps you have to take to obtain it.

What is WPC Certificate for Import?

Wireless Planning and Coordination wing is the primary authority that oversees the quality of imported and manufactured wireless products in India. It issues the WPC import license, also known as WPC certificate for import to those import whose wireless products meet the regulatory requirements.

The procedure of certification involves two steps:

  1. Analysis of the application and the documents
  2. Assessment of the product

A product gets certified only after it clears both these aforementioned steps.

Are you eligible to obtain WPC import license?

Even if your application is correct, not meeting the eligibility criteria can lead to rejection of your application for WPC license of Import. Those eligibility criteria are as follows:

  1. The product must be sourced from a trusted vendor
  2. It must be produced using raw materials that the WPC approves of.
  3. The product must work on a de-licensed frequency band.
  4. The manufacturer of the product must have the appropriate manufacturing license.

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The documents required for WPC license for import

Wireless Planning and Coordination wing is extremely stringent when it comes to the correctness of the documents submitted during the WPC certification process. The list of those documents, although not large, is quite an important one.

  1. Radio Frequency Test report of the product for which the importer seeks the WPC certification
  2. Description of that product complete with technical specifications, diagrams and uses.
  3. A letter authorizing an Authorized Indian representative to fill the WPC application form and take up the rest of the tasks related to certification.
  4. Undertaking that state whatever information you’ve provided in the application is correct.
  5. Certificate of Incorporation and PAN card of the company.

What is the procedure to obtain import license from Wireless Planning and Coordination wing?

The procedure to obtain import license from Wireless and Coordination Wing has the following stops:

  1. Get the wireless product tested at an NABL accredited lab
  2. Obtain the Radio frequency test reports, and attach it with the rest of the required documents.
  3. Submit the online application form for the WPC import license.
  4. Once it’s done, take the printout of that application form.
  5. Attach it with the rest of the documents you’ve collected till now and submit it to the regional WPC office.
  6. First, your application form and the documents will be assessed. Afterwards, your product sample will go through the a thorough analysis.
  7. If the product meets all the regulatory parameters, you’ll be issued the WPC license.


All wireless products must go through mandatory assessment before you can put them on sale in India. It’s the reason why WPC Certification is one of the most important business registrations in the country. If you wish to know more about this registration, consult with Registrationwala.

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