May 29, 2024

For anyone who seeks to import, manufacture or sell Telecom Equipment, it’s mandatory to get TEC Certification. It’s the authorization under the Telecom Equipment Scheme which tests your products before it’s deemed fit to be pushed out in the market. In the new world where telecom equipment has become an essential joint that holds the communication together, it’s one certification that many are looking for.

However, getting the TEC Certificate is not the simple matter. Sometimes, it’s importance doesn’t outweigh the complex process one has to undertake to get it. So, what about you already have a TEC certificate and now need to modify. How would you modify your TEC Certification?

In this article, we are touching on this topic which makes it easy for you to make modifications in your TEC Certificate. That way, your diverse business won’t be hampered due to legal obstacles.

How to get the TEC certification?

For those of you who is yet to acquire the certificate but is afraid to take on the process due to its complexity, following is the explanation in terms that you can understand:

  1. Get the Required documents for TEC certification.
  2. Contact a testing lab. Get your product tested and acquire the testing report.
  3. Go online and register as a new user at the TEC portal.
  4. Once your request is approved, you’ll be given a username.
  5. Use that username to login and file the application of TEC certification.
  6. The TEC certification is going to take a glance at the product’s details and the test reports. Remember to also send a sample of the product so that they can run the test themselves.
  7. The department will forward you the TEC certificate once your equipment is found to be adhering to all the compliances mentioned in the TEC rulebook.

Why modification in TEC certification is required?

There are times that you might find your equipment, regardless of adhering to the compliance, isn’t working correctly. In those cases, and other cases that include the following, one needs to make modifications in the TEC approval acquired from the department:

  1. The model number has to be restructured.
  2. The product has to be upgraded.
  3. The product name has to be changed.

Altering the details of TEC certificate

First off, there are two ways that you can modify the approval. They are:

  • Without re-testing the product: Following are some of the modifications that the department can do for you without the need to test your equipment:
  • Change in the model number
  • Change in model that doesn’t impact the design of the product.
  • Change in the ownership of the product.
  • Changing the name of the model.
  • Re-testing the equipment: If the hardware of the equipment has altered, then it has to be proved that it doesn’t mess with the compliance of the TEC approval. Examples of such modifications are as follows:
    1. Adding a new interface unit to the product
    2. Altering the network interface unit that already exists in the product.
    3. Inclusion of a new model that doesn’t exist in the original certificate.
    4. Modification of the outer design that you think might somehow impact the internal operation of the product.

Modifying the TEC certificate without retesting:

  • File the application of modification.
  • Fill the details of what has been altered
  • Declare that the change doesn’t impact the compliance of TEC.
  • The application goes through assessment.
  • You get newly issued certificate if your application is genuine.

Modifying the TEC certificate if your retesting is required:

  • Re-conduct tests on the equipment and get the new test report.
  • File the application to alter the TEC certificate and attach the testing report along with it.
  • Also with the report, send a sample of your product.
  • Let the application and the product go through the assessment phase.
  • You’ll get an altered certificate if the product doesn’t impact the compliance of TEC, and your application is genuine.

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Altering the TEC certificate is a requirement if you have made changes in certain aspects of your product. Don’t be apprehensive about going through the process just because it seems complex. Take a breath. Read what we have written, and you’ll get the TEC certificate and get the power to modify in no time.

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