July 22, 2024
work from home

Due to the corona pandemic, 90% country for the world is entirely under lockdown for safety majors, and working people are doing their job from home.

 Its a fact an organization plan the work station very systematically:

a. Arrangement of Chairs that provide the best sitting posture to the employee.

b. Table hight so that a person with any hight can access their computer, laptops easily without any hurdle.

c. Arrange intervals for the relaxation of employees.

d. Fix a time for tea, lunch, etc. to make employees comfortable at their workplace.

But know 90% of the working people who are not in essential services working from home. Its a hazardous task to manage the office environment at home.

Here we share some points to make an appealing workstation at home:

1. Choose any corner or room of your house where you can find; you will work peacefully without any interruption.

2. Create your desktop professionally innovative, like adding some to-do list on your desk board and place pen stand.

3. Place any plant at the side of your table corner.

4. Keep the water bottle on your work station.

5. Take breaks as you have had in your office.

6. Move around your workstation in every half hour for your physical comfort.

7. Don’t allow any person of your home to roam around your work station.

8. Keep in touch with your team members for flow less work.

9. To firm your concentration, you can use headphones and speakers and play soft concentration music.

10. Wind up your work as you do in your office, send all working reports to your seniors, coordinate with them if you fill any issue.

11. Keep track of your work performance; is it the same as you perform in the office.

12. If you need any tech support contact to your tech department without making any delays.

13. Most importantly, make all conversations at emails for future tracking.

Note:- Don’t Forget that world is fighting with corona virus medically and economically; it may leave the long-lasting mark on the world economy. So for your organization, your job works honestly innovatively. Think about how you can create the sale for your organization.

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