May 29, 2024

According to a recent survey, it has been figured out that approximately 70% of the employees work remotely at least once a week. However, Tracking the Remote workers of your organization is a difficult task. 

How can you know if your remote workers are actually working on their assigned tasks during their office hours or are just spending their time in leisure activities?

It is essential to know that your employees working from home or your field staff working outside for sale activities are doing their most and staying productive or not. It is equally necessary for the managers to monitor their staff and ensure that the work assigned to them is completed as per the set deadline. 

Remotely working does have a numerous benefits for the employees and the organization as the employee spends less time on commuting. This time saved can be utilized in enhancing the productivity and efficiency of the employee and the organisation as a whole. Also, when an organisation allows their employees to work from home it leads to the reduction in salary offered to them, business costs including food and rent etc.

To monitor your remote workers, every organisation must implement and use an employee monitoring tool i.e. HR Software which is designed to ease all the challenges that the HR and managers usually faces while keeping a track of the attendance, leaves, tasks and productivity of the employees.

By using HR Software, there’s no need for manual intervention for every little thing. Attendance, leaves, time tracking and communicating with the remote employees can be done through a system which records and tracks information that is required for the managers and HR to check the regular activities of their remote employees.

A good Payroll Software or HR Software can easily engage your employees and increase their efficiency. The managers can assign tasks to their members and schedule a deadline for that task to be completed. This would further let the remote employee to have an ownership, be responsible and focus on their goal to complete their task on the time set.

Aimed to increase the productivity and efficiency of the employees, HR Software is also a medium of communication between the organisation and the employees. Through this communication, the information remains transparent increasing the responsiveness of the two. 

A Payroll Software further makes it easier for the HR to record the attendance and keep a track of the time an employee utilises in the completion of a task. Keeping in view of the attendance and leaves, it would help the HR to easily generate their salary through the Payroll Software without using spreadsheets and attendance registers minimizing the errors.

So, what now? If your organisation has employees working remotely and you have to ease the process of tracking and recording their information, then you must choose HR Software now!!

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