May 29, 2024
media gateway approval

Media gateway approval is the permission to establish a media gateway in telecom – a translation device that converts the media streams so that they can be transported between several telecom networks.

As you can guess, the technology of media gateway is quite nuanced and therefore, the Department of Telecommunication issues a Media Gateway Approval. In this article, we are going to discuss the various aspects of media gateway including:

  1. The eligibility criteria for the media gateway approval.
  2. The procedure of obtaining the approval
  3. And the documents required to expedite the process

Who is allowed to have a media gateway approval in India?

Media gateway is a device that translates media streams to transport them across several market. Needless to say, only telecom service providers are the ones that need such an equipment. If we have to put names to them, following are the applicants that should apply for the media gateway approval:

  1. Holders of ISP license: ISP License holders are Internet Service Providers authorized by the Department of Telecommunication as per the National Telegraph act 1999. They employ several media gateways especially if they have the category A ISP license to provide PAN India internet service.
  2. Holders of VNO license: VNO license holders are Virtual Network Operators that provide internet services via a virtually established network with minimal need of hardware implementation. They are ISPS-on-a-budget and also use Media gateways for translation of media streams to connect with the devices beyond their service area.
  3. Broadcasters: Broadcasters use media gateway to ensure that media streams that they are broadcasting are able to obtain maximum reach.
  4. Other Service Providers: OSPs such as KPOs and BPOs also use media gateways for advertisement and service providing purposes.

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What is the procedure to obtain Media gateway in Telecom approval?

To get Media Gateway Approval, the eligible entity has to take the following steps:

  1. Document furnishing: Documents must be furnished in the prescribed format. To ensure that DOT can easily assess them, the applicant must ensure that they are free from any blemishes of fold-ups.
  2. Application filing: Once the documents are gathered, certified and collected in a proper format, the applicant has to apply for approval of Media Gateway in telecommunication.
  3. Application Assessment: The Department of telecommunication will run a thorough assessment of the application and the submitted documents. If it encounters any problems, the applicant will receive a notification stating nature of said problems and a deadline within which the applicant has to fix them.
  4. Grant of Approval: If the applicant successfully fix all the mentioned issues, the Department of Telecommunication grants it the approval to establish a media gateway in telecommunication.

Documents required for Media Gateway Approval

The documents that the DOT assesses during the applicant’s assessment are as follows:

  1. A cover letter to convince the authority to grant the approval.
  2. Certificate of incorporation of the applicant company
  3. Copy of telecom license agreements the applicant has access to as per existing authorizations
  4. Technical specification of the media gateway device
  5. Duly filled Application form


Media Gateway Approval is one of the most important devices in the telecommunication sector. The nature of the approval process and the thorough assessment by the DOT reflects said importance. To know more about media gateway approval, consult with Registrationwala.

This article gives you a straightforward answer to how to get media gateway approval in India. Media gateway in telecom is a translation device that you can only operate after DOT’s approval. Read to know more.

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