June 18, 2024

The term “liquid flow metering” is not new to the industries. It is a popular procedure to measure the flow of liquids in the pipes. Several industries like automotive, chemical, food processing, petroleum, and more use this technique. It is related to the core quality control during the manufacturing process. However, the measurement of liquids has changed from traditional to modern with the advancement in technology. Now, the most advanced tools are available that are perfectly suitable to measure a wide range of flow for industries. Fluid measuring devices have many names: flow sensors, flow gauge, flow rate sensor, flow indicator, etc.

Why is flow measuring necessary?

Importantly in every industrial working situation, the role of flow measurement is vast. It is an integral part of every industry that cannot be ignored at any cost. The major objective of this is to operate the entire production system efficiently. Depending upon the type of liquid, such as water or gas, the working of flow sensors is determined.

They work differently for a mutual goal to derive appropriate flow rate results. Flow measuring is crucial to know that the right amount of water or gas passes through the pipes. For different manufacturing actions, the frequency and volume of fluids are required as per the production demand. If the flow rate of liquids is more or less than the required parameters, it could lead to poor quality production.

Therefore, liquid flow metering is an important part of industrial working. For accurate flow measuring, there are numerous meters available. In this article, you will get to know about a few of the most useful meters. So, let’s read the post carefully below.

flow meter-liquid flow metering

Mass Flow Meter

You can understand even as non-tech-savvy that it is used to measure the mass flow of liquids. The name of the gauge is itself describing the use. It is an ideal meter uses when you need to measure the mass flow rate of a liquid. In plain words, these meters directly measure the mass flow of the liquids such as gases or water.

They fall under the category of digital flow meters as they have an electronic screen to display results. The meters are extremely accurate and can measure liquids whose viscosity relates to speed. They have a reliable operation under different pressures and temperatures.

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The top choice of industries mainly deals with wastewater, natural gas, pharmaceutical, and food processing.

This Meter has Two Types:

  • Thermal mass flow rate sensor
  • Coriolis flow rate sensor

Velocity flow rate measuring devices

Velocity is another name of speed in engineering terms. There are meters available in the market that directly measure liquid flow rate with their flow speed. The use of these meters is really simple and straightforward.

For measuring the flow rate, they can be attached to the pipelines to sense the velocity of liquids. They work for deriving accurate flow rate results when used with low viscosity liquids. Their functionality is uncomplicated and reliable as they can work with pressure and temperature variations. The primary application of these sensors is in wastewater, chemical, refinery, and power generation industries.

Popular types of these flow meters are:

  • Ultrasonic meter
  • Vortex meter
  • Pitot tube meter
  • Electromagnetic meter
  • Paddlewheel meter
  • And turbine meter

Positive Displacement Liquid Flow Sensors

PD flow meters, the short name of these meters, are used commonly in power, food processing, chemical, and pharmaceuticals. Among the wide range of flow rate sensors, they directly measure fluid volume that passes through pipes.

They can measure the fluids like paints, adhesives, and petrochemicals efficiently. The accuracy of these measuring devices is also appreciable as they directly link with the volume of fluid. The accuracy also has advantages such as self-contained operation, longer span, low operating cost, etc.

These liquid measuring devices are also useful for domestic measuring due to their accuracy and ease of use.

These sensors also have some types as:

  • Disk flow rate meters
  • Rotary vane meters
  • Gear flow rate meters
  • And piston meters etc.

Differential pressure meters

The use of these meters is very popular in chemical manufacturing. These meters measure the rate of liquid with different pressure. They have restrictive fluid technology that measures the changes in pressure of the liquids, and the flow rate results are relative to the changes in pressure.

These meters are best when a prompt response for the flow rate is important. They are very accurate and require no moving parts to work as well.

The Final Words

Liquid flow metering is an important concept that is possible with these meters as mentioned earlier. It is a crucial segment of every manufacturer, and flow rate measuring devices are beneficial. However, the application of flow meter could vary as per the specific industrial requirements.

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