May 29, 2024
7 Mold Types That Are Commonly Found In Air Ducts

First, the importance of knowing the mold problems that most homeowners face is unavoidable. To prevent these problems, it is imperative to know about the causes of the mold buildup. Otherwise, you cannot eradicate the issues that may arise within your HVAC system.

The devoted professionals who attend your call and listen to your problems come to your place for rendering the substantial air duct cleaning services Littleton. By getting the fruit of vital services like duct and filter cleaning, your HVAC system will start to perform with its original capacity.

Some major mold types come into existence and find a room within the components of the system.

Air Duct Cleaning Services Littleton Trigger HVAC’s Performance

When it comes to measuring the performance of your system, the condition of air ducts is a significant factor that plays its part. For an exceptional working capacity of the system, you need to ensure the cleanliness of ductwork.

The prominent effects of the system directly depend upon the cleaning of the ductwork. Hence, it’s valuable advice to look into the matter when the ductwork catches dust and mold.

7 Mold Types That Grow Within HVAC System

Among the numerous mold types, here are the seven mold types you can read about. Most of the mold types in your HVAC system must be a few of the below-mentioned kinds.


Do you see a white powdery matter growing on any component of your HVAC system? It’s acremonium, a type of mold. It’s mentioned in several blogs as ‘toxigenic mold.’ To stop the growth of such mold, the learned professionals with hands-on experience in delivering air duct cleaning services Thornton are effective and reliable.


It is a type of mold that baffles people in its identification. Sometimes it grows like a greenish substance, but other times it can be a brownish texture. Experts say that it involves the potential loss of your belongings because it can grow anywhere. Also, it is a significant threat to your HVAC system.


Talking about the appearance, it is brownish colored and cotton-like textured. The appearance changes with time as if it has biological changes after a certain period.


This type of mold is commonly found growing in your system. It also can develop in any place, but proper cleaning can prevent birth and spread.

You must secure wholesomeness of the system’s performance by hiring a specialist for air duct cleaning services Littleton. The cutting-edge methods of cleaners remove every dust or health-hazard particle.


When the thing is about some common types of mold in your home, none of the technical blogs can mention Stachybotrys. Typically, it grows with a blackish appearance but can change its texture after a specific period.

The potential threat by this mold can perilously damage the glory of HVAC’s performance.


Among the different mold types, the one commonly found in air ducts is Mucor. It can affect the air quality, raising the chance of a menace to your health. It rapidly speeds up the rate of spread into the building from vents, ducts, and filters.


The particularity of this mold type is the growth in the wet or moist spaces. Soon after the buildup, specialists can identify the type of mold and treat it accordingly. It is noticeable when it gets life inside the air vents.

Final Words

In conclusion, the mold buildup in the components of your HVAC system is due to the uncleanliness of air ducts, vents, and filters. With air duct cleaning services Thornton, you will learn about the importance of maintenance and cleaning.

If your air ducts need cleaning and you’re finding an excellent fit for your needs, Action Air Duct is savvy in dealing with air duct problems.

Appointing us and giving us the respect we deserve motivates us to fulfill our duty and improve HVAC’s performance.

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