April 22, 2024
Food Truck Business

A report said that from 2017 food trucks generate $2.7 million in revenue approximately. The best part of this business is its mobility; you can access or reach to the multiple locations of the cities.

Apart from the location access food truck business not need significant investment like restaurants that’s why small owners like to invest in food truck business as it demands low investment, give better access of location, and generate high revenue.

How can you start the food truck business in India?

Before entering any venture small or large, we should prepare the roadmap for unbeaten business innings. Every business has its own pros and cons, and you may also have some doubts about your business; a roadmap can answer all questions.

Detail knowledge about and thing make easy complex tasks, here we share some useful points to start a food truck business in India:

  • Budget – First, decide how much you can spend to start your business.
  • Commercial vehicle – Which commercial vehicle for a food truck is the best option to start a mobile food court?
  • Kitchen equipment – Once you decide the commercial vehicle, make a list of kitchen equipment as per space.
  • Food Material – Decide what kind of food you are offering and prepare the list of raw materials.
  • License – Most important, without permission, you could not start a business, So apply. FSSAI provides the license to all food-related enterprises. You can simply apply for the license by registering in FSSAI.
  • WorkForce – Pick the best work team to run your food business by your personal contacts or through some agency.
  • POS Software – Get the best POS Software to manage the large number of customer’s billings in a few seconds.
  • Uniform – Select the Dress Code for your staff.
  • Branding- Create a branding campaign for your business promotions through social channels.
  • Location – what’s your prime location be for placing your food truck.

To start your business, you need to get some licenses. The most important one is FSSAI, any food-related small or big need FSSAI license to run the business as Any business which sells food must comply with food laws, including Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006.

Following formalities you need to complete to run your food truck legally in the territory:

  • Fire Safety Certificate– This tells you used all fire safety equipment in your vehicle and follows all guidelines related to fire safety. This certificate you will get from the Fire Department.
  • Shop and Establishment License – It’s the first and most crucial certification to start the food-related business. You can get this certificate from FSSAI.
  • Eating House License – To declare your food truck business location, you need to get an eating house license issued by the police commissioner of the city.
  • License for Commercial Vehicle – This certificate issued by the RTO, and it tells you are legally authorized to run the commercial vehicle.
  • No Objection Certificate – no objection certificate (NOC) needs to obtain from Municipal Corporation and RTO.
  • FSSAI Mobile Vendor’s License – it’s advisable to get the mobile vendor license from FSSAI to run a smooth business.
  • Kitchen Insurance – it’s helpful at the time of crisis.

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