July 22, 2024
Only 8 day remains to go for the holi celebration. We all are is excited about the festival and making plans for holi. Here is the most important thing is that don’t forget to make preparation for your skin along with other celebration plans. Holi is a festival of colors, but due to some carelessness and artificial colors, we getting harm our skin, so here we share some essential tips to secure your skin getting damaged by hard colors.  

Coconut Oil

Apply coconut oil to your hairs and all exposed parts of the body like legs, hands, neck, etc. Also, don’t forget to apply oil between your fingers, ears, and other nooks and crannies.

Petroleum Jelly and Nail Paints

To avoid being pink your nails with colors, douse your nails in petroleum jelly. Also, apply it around your nails to avoid harming your skin as well. You can also paint your nails with your choice of nail color and remove it after playing the holi.

Cold Cream / Cleansing Milk

To remove colors from your skin, take lotion or cream and rub it to your skin eventually after that take a wet cotton ball and wipe off the color and dust from your skin quickly.

Avocado and Honey Oil

Avocado and honey oil best for skincare, as when you apply and rub it to your skin, you will found that bits of color and dust layer stuck to your fingers while rubbing oil to your face.

Shikakai Shampoo

Before going to play holi, do not forget to oil your hairs and after playing to holi shampoo your hairs with some natural shampoo like shikakai, which will not remove the natural oil of your hairs. Please make sure to condition your hair after shampoo as colors make your skin and hair dry.

Body Butter

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To avoid dry skin and itchiness due to harmful colors, you should apply body butter to your skin.

Eye Drops

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While playing the holi often some particle of color sprinkled to our eye and its make our eyes really painful and itchy. For a safe side, keep some eye drop near to you I advise rose water is the best remedy for such a case.

Apart from your skincare should consider some other things also:


Most of us wear white clothes to play holi festival of colors. Its hard to clean the colored clothes, especially whites. If you prefer whites, then buy some cheap rated white clothes, or you can use any old cloth which you don’t prefer to wear in regular use.


Wear rubber flip flop rather than to wear shoes, sneakers, gliders as they can get wet and you will not be comfortable in wet footwear.

Personal Things:

Please keep your personal belongings like wallet, phone, id cards, etc. in waterproof or plastic bags to save them getting wet.

Natural Colores:

Use natural colores on the place of chemical colores. Artificial color can lead your skin to allergy. Every year eye and skin specialist receives the number of cases of skin allergy and eye infection from chemical colores.

Natural colores are soft and made by the flower petals and other natural ingredients, which will never harm you in any way.
With these small tweaks and tricks will help you to celebrate the festivals safe and secure. If you have more suggestions, please write in a comment to help others.

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