May 29, 2024

In today’s hectic life everyone wants to earn extra money, but how? Mutul Funds and stock market attract everyone more than other investments, in that too most of the people want to invest in share market because good and big returns are expected, but stock market is a place where high risk is also involved . In such a situation, the investor does not invest in the stock market even if he wants to.

Today’s blog has an ultimate solution for all those people. Who want to know how they can invest in the share market without any fear of loss, read this blog thoroughly to understand this system.

Before starting any work, it is very important for us to have basic and practical knowledge, only then we will be able to do any work successfully. If you want to invest money in share market then it is very important that you know all the techniques related to stock market, you understand technical analysis, you know how stock market works, then only you will be good in stock market. Return can be expected otherwise there is a high probability of loss.

You can learn about stock market from various online courses and youtube videos but from these sources you only acquire theoretical knowledge not practical knowledge they only suggest you to do paper trading for practice. Paper trading is very old method of practicing share trading it does not involved real market as its done on paper.

But today several trading companies provides us stock trading games, virtual trading simulator which allows us to practice in real data feed with virtual money. Know question arises what is trading games and virtual trading simulator? Both are virtual trading platform where you can do trade with virtual money to sharpen your skills for real market.

There is Some Real Time Trading Simulator are also available. Like Investopedia, Sensibull, tradebrains and neostox etc. My Personal favourite is NEOSTOX.

What is Neostox?

Neostox is an online virtual trading simulator, it is completely free, there is no charge to sign up and start trading. Even you will get 1 crore virtual money on your first sign up. Here you can start practicing without investing a single penny from your pocket. It is specially designed for students, new stock market traders who want to practice before entering the real market.

Benefits of Neostox Virtual Trading Simulator:

  1. There is no charge on sign up, it’s totally free.
  2. You can get 1 Crore virtual money on your first sign up.
  3. Real time market, means you will get experience of work in real market with virtual money.
  4. If you are do not have time to work in real market timing, you can practice whenever you free by selecting date, as all real time data are stored and run when you required.
  5. Practice over and over without fear of losing money
  6. Tick by Tick Real Time Updates
  7. Can test your strategy in real market with virtual money
  8. All equities, futures, options & commodities are available.
  9. You can also earn real money with refer and earned programme
  10. You can share or sell your strategies with other panel members.

The only con we face with this website is the heavy user traffic working on it most of the time due to its best services due to which sometimes the site crashes or down otherwise it is unbeatable.

It is a great virtual stock trading platform to learn and practice completely free. There is no compulsion to learn from any place, practice here without any fear of loss.

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